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Remember :iconicefarie:IceFarie 0 1
Mature content
Ice Picks Beneath My Eyelids :iconicefarie:IceFarie 3 0
Thought Process Therapy
There is nothing wrong with the fact that I am thinking and I am thinking and I am not looking and I am breathing. Maybe. Not sure. I think I'm breathing but of course I could be a brain in a vat just imagining that I exists and wouldn't that be sad? Wouldn't that be sad and I know it's sad, for you, maybe, but I'm not sad. Maybe. Because I have known love so even if I am a brain in a vat then I can be content to know that I love and am loved in turn and that's more than what a lot of people can say. My fingers are flying across the keyboard, writing every stray thought without pause even this one, and this one and this one, God will anyone even read this? Probably not and if they do they'll probably laugh. Please don't laugh, person reading this, I'm baring my soul right now, kinda-sorta.
Really I'm baring my mind to you and I think that's a lot more important because if reincarnation is real then this soul of mine is probably an old one, maybe, but this brain is new and mine alone. S
:iconicefarie:IceFarie 1 2
(I am so sorry)
The sun shone
So brightly
And beautifully warm
The sky was clear and the birds sung cheer
As the black hearse drove 'round town
I saw
The place we swam
The place we ran
And the tree where we first kissed
And I remembered
The way that you said
"Darling come closer, come closer "
And I was never close enough
So sorry, so very very sorry
I was never close enough
And I know your casket's made of yew
(you always preferred dark cherry)
And I know your carnations are white
(for remembrance, for innocence)
But I still remember the way
We laughed while we danced in the shower
With the steam a veil between us
And no sorrow within our eyes
(and still never close enough, so sorry
So very very sorry)
And the dirt is so cold
The sun is so warm
The sea of black shifts and churns
And my world has stopped upon your final words
Now, I am even more homeless
And I wish for nothing more then to be so much closer
so much closer, so so much closer
(I'm sorry, I am so so sorry)
:iconicefarie:IceFarie 11 11
The End of the Rainbow
She's been looking for a while now, the end of that perfect time. She looks for it in the morning, when she's greeted by that warm smile. She looks for it in the evening, when she sees that face smile and kiss her hello. Constantly she is searching for the end, it feels almost inevitable, as perfection such as this is not meant to last, no one person is meant to be so happy for so long. Misery always creeps in to steal the good to keep the scales leveled. A heart to a feather and all that.
So she looks for that end, days, weeks, months, and going on into years. Experience has taught her that these things never last. There are tough times and sad time and times when the bond between them is almost broken, but always they fall together again, as inevitable as the falling of the moon and the rising as the sun.
It takes her a while, longer then it would most (though she's never tried to claim the title of genius, so we may forgive her this), to realize that this, this happiness, this goodn
:iconicefarie:IceFarie 2 4
She said
Child, child, come closer my dear
I have a story to tell
that you need to hear
So she opened the windows
and unlocked the door
Put out the fire and sat on the floor
and said:
The great white elk bounds across the skies,
the huntsman following close behind
the fear and the chase, the sweat and the spear
The aged and the youth, the wise and the naïve
Chasing and running with no reprieve
She stops, turns, and says unto me
Watch and listen, form no opinions and no responses
Observe, analyze, and repeat.
Cut yourself off from your Hypothalamus and use your frontal lobe
Think, think, think,
Cut yourself off from your soul
She continues:
So The Great White Elk stops
and so the huntsman stops
they stare at one another, the huntsman and the hunt
And the great white elk says unto he who hunts the following:
Where would you be if not for me?
And the huntsman, who knows naught much else, responds
starved and stone frozen, alone and unloved
with no food to feed, and no s
:iconicefarie:IceFarie 9 11
Stick Swords by IceFarie Stick Swords :iconicefarie:IceFarie 3 0
Handle With Care
Something broke today.
Something small and precious, a glass flower, a snowflake, a heart. Something untouchable for its fragility, something broken much to easily, never to be healed again. It made no sound, no dying screams or pitiful whimpers, its passing was slow and barely noticed, noted only by outsiders with jaded eyes. It's gone now, spirited away and never to be seen again. Earlier and earlier it breaks, shatters, and falls away spreading itself across the floor and cutting the feet of everyone who walks upon it, unaware of the blood pouring from their bodies, slicking the shards and staining pure white red.
Something broke today.
It breaks everyday to be honest, many many times by many many people, simultaneously across the world. It does not matter what they were before It breaks, but after they are soldiers, watching the light fade to darkness and unable to do anything but watch with ancient eyes. It's difficult for these jaded soldiers to remember what life was like before
:iconicefarie:IceFarie 17 24
He loves Sherlock.
John knows this, understands this, accepts this, and ignore this. People seem to think that love is just a dam waiting to burst and that once discovered the words simply must be set free for fear of implosion. Or at the very least there is awkward stumbling and blushing and general nervous behavior around that person. But this is not so, because while John may not be as smart and Sherlock, he does understand himself better, so when the realization came, it was not a dam or a tidal wave or a sudden realization or even a gradual one.
It was a Tuesday.
It was a Tuesday and John was making a quick meal from what was salvageable, spaghetti with canned tomato sauce, And Sherlock was loudly clicking away at his (See: John's) laptop, searching for interesting news and mumbling to himself about incompetent news reporters and John had the displeasure of finding fingers in the butter saucer (again) when it happened. It was simply as follows:
I must love him to put up with th
:iconicefarie:IceFarie 16 8
A Fairytale Unraveled
And the world whispered into his ear, you worthless pig, you horrid vile being, you, who deserves not the life bestowed upon him should do me a favor and rid me of you yourself, just keep it a little clean would you? You're always such a hassle to take care of.
And he responded, world, you hate me and I hate me, but there's one person, just one, that loves me for me and I can't destroy her that way, because even if I don't deserve her she thinks she needs me, and I'd just be scum if I let her cry.
So the world responded, you think she cares for you? That she would miss you? She wouldn't you're alone in this world, no matter what you tell yourself to help yourself fall asleep. I'm the world, little boy, I know all your secrets.
But this worthless man was stubborn as he was vile, and refused to make things for the world a little easier by ridding it of himself. He kind of hated the world, and a sick sort of happiness filled him for defying it's demands this way. But more than that the vi
:iconicefarie:IceFarie 1 0
They Are Not Blind
A massacre of color, the red crayon marches along the paper and the green is over run, Childish red scribbles overtop crudely drawn stick figures with 'X's for eyes and tongues painted red, sticking out comically, a last laugh in the face of death. The water of a nearby pond is scribbled in brown and green, purple fish float on the top, with smaller 'x's for their own eyes and what could be a cat or a dog stands on four thin stick legs looking out to the pond with a comical forwny face. There is a lone tree in this picture, gray and straight, unnatural looking limbs clawing at the air unbending and uncompromising. These grey limbs carry a brown half circle between two of the straight grey limbs, blue eggs rest in the nest but no mother is seen in this picture and the little eggs are cracked with streaks of black. The grass is brown and sharp and flat, there are no flowers and little red rectangles litter the ground, possibly empty cans. It is almost comical to see the sky, sketched in
:iconicefarie:IceFarie 1 0
Gray Cat by IceFarie Gray Cat :iconicefarie:IceFarie 3 0
Historical Artifice
The Queen is buried amongst the paupers
The Joker killed the King
And if you think you're hearing laughter
Then surely you're insane
Stuff your pockets full of flowers
To cover the smell of rotting
The rats have become the pipers
And the Doctors look like birdies
The Church is made of stone and mortar
The Graveyards are quite full
And within this place of worship there are
Chandeliers made of bone
A bridge is falling down, my lady
Quick, cover your head
And watch as London bridge becomes
American instead.
Look at the world, this darkened place
Where corruption reigns supreme
Towers made of glass and iron
Scrape the sky until it bleeds
The Queen is buried amongst the paupers
The Joker killed the King
Madame Guillotine's a jealous lover
Please, let them eat cake
:iconicefarie:IceFarie 10 16
Sunset by IceFarie Sunset :iconicefarie:IceFarie 6 8
It smells warm and sweet, the chemicals drifting lazily and clinging to clothes and hair. Red lights shine dimly within the darkroom and a woman stands before a machine that hasn't changed in design since its creation, the Enlarger. Heavy, bulky, made of metal and fabric and delicate glass mirrors that reflect captured time to light sensitive photographic paper.
"Thirty second, aperture 5.6 with a four, no, a four and half, filter. Yes, yes, that should do it, that should do it," she whispers to the enlarger.
The room is achingly quiet if one disregards the desperate whisper and occasional groan of aged wood. Quiet and dark. A timer clicks and the light from the enlarger turns off, the image disappearing. The woman snatches the eight by ten paper with water-drowned fingers before rushing to the deep metal sink containing several bins filled with different chemicals. She gently places the image into the first bin, pushing it down and ignoring the sting of chemicals to open cuts. It burn
:iconicefarie:IceFarie 9 7
Ghost Hand by IceFarie Ghost Hand :iconicefarie:IceFarie 6 5

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your vision was an interesting once, however the originality of the piece is a bit lacking and easily, if not a tad time consuming, to ...



Something Wicked
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Learning some new developing processes in Photography lately, my teacher is crazy/insane/genius. Lately we've been doing 'lith photography', which is pretty cool. It's basically overexposing the image then only partially developing it. In Dark Angel 001 I used a 5 filter (filters being what helps add either gray tones or contrast to a black and white image-00 being all gray tones and 5 the most contrast possible). On top of that the subject was asked to wear all black and sit in front of a white back drop for the most contrast possible. This, combined with the 5 filter and lith developing process, gave the final print the ultimate 'freaky' look.

For the curious, here's a link i found that goes very in depth about the process, the history, the chemicals involved and even a few examples of it:…



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